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Passionate about all things health and fitness.



I'm a nomadic freelance writer and editor specializing in evidence-based health, fitness, nutrition, and wellness content. I love digging into the science of just about anything, from hair porosity and cold-plunging to sugar alternatives. Most recently, I was the senior fitness editor at POPSUGAR, where I got to write, edit, and produce meaningful packages about my passions daily. Previously, I worked as a writer and digital editor at Shape Magazine for more than six years.

To inform my content decisions, I've also obtained a personal training certification and completed specialization courses in fitness nutrition and behavior change from the American Council on Exercise (ACE). I know health status is more complicated than eating more vegetables and going to the gym, which is why I'm also working toward a health coach certification with ACE. I'm passionate about helping people live a holistically healthy lifestyle, focused on feeling good above all.


Offline, you can catch me hopping on a flight or learning to surf, ski, or mountain bike all over the world. I've traveled to more than 20 countries in the last three years and share travel updates and anecdotes in my newsletter, nomad lasagna.


Keep scrolling to read some of my work, which has been published by Well+Good, Self, Travel + Leisure, Curl, BarBend, and Peloton's blog, The Output.

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